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Junior School Co - ordinator's Message

Central Modern School, Kolkata The task of modern education is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts. There is no end to learning and the fire seen in my faculty this academic year with all its challenges, has brought out the best in my students. They have learned to multitask at various levels with an eagerness to cope with difficult situations.
The year has seen the bar of execellence rise and it is with great pleasure that I sit back and think of the growth of every student under our care. Nothing is perfect in life and as we strive to make the world a better place for all to live in, it is important to educate ourselves and the parents on the importance of tolerance, understanding and acceptance.
CMS is an English medium school imparting the language predominantly to those for whom English is a foreign language. The standard of assembiles conducted in English showcase the school's dedication to promoting the learning and use of English. We also encourgae the vernacular language as it is very important that the mother tongue is not ignored.
The future will always belong to those who dream. I wish class 5 and class 6 students transit to the middle school with dreams of success in whatever field they may choose. Hard work and the power of listening is the key to success.
With this, I would like to thank our principal, vice principal, secretary, faculty members, support staff and our parents for all the support, encourgaement and understanding that I have received over the three years of my life in CMS.

Yours Sincerely

Eric Douglas Guest
Junior School Co - ordinator